Our Story

Umbrella Extravaganza (Pty) Ltd is a new, young and dynamic company on the block that aims to be the most sought after exclusive outdoor clothing and apparel retailer in South Africa and beyond.  The company markets and sells Umbrella Extravaganza, Venom Jeans and Red Sighted Buffalo branded merchandise i.e.clothing ware, head gear, outdoor clothing gear, small utility gifts, jeans, shirts, jerseys, t-shirts, golf shirts, shorts, pants, sweaters, hoody’s, beanies, jackets,watches, sunglasses, shoes, sneakers, semi-formal clothing, etc. We take quality seriously and make it a way of life in our company by meeting and exceeding the requirements of customers for all our products and services.

Umbrella Extravaganza was established as a holding company with the view of synergising its resources, expanding its operational sphere thereby creating exclusive outdoor clothing lines for our customers.  The primary objective is to offer a wide spectrum of outdoor clothing lines and apparel in our areas of specialisation.  Combining the very best of traditional values and professionalism, Umbrella Extravaganza is committed to developing a business entity that can hold its own against the best and compete in the global arena.